The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom in Quarantine

Jamie Davis Smith
13 min readApr 29, 2020


This Mother’s Day brunch is canceled and won’t be any handmade gifts coming home from school. But that doesn’t mean that Mom’s special day is canceled just because this Mother’s Day will be a one-of-a-kind holiday sent in quarantine. There are still ways to show Mom how much you appreciate her — and that she deserves even more appreciation now for keeping things running and kids learning even though there is no escape, nights out with friends, and no end for the foreseeable future. You may not be able to browse the aisles for the perfect gift but we have the best suggestions here.

A Quarantine Wardrobe:

Wool&: When Wool& introduced their first dress, the Rowena swing dress, they challenged women to wear it 100 days in a row. Several did because it can be styled so many different ways and the merino wool it is made from is so easy to care for. Wool& has introduced several other styles since then, in short and long sleeves, that are all made from temperature regulating merino wool that can be worn year-round. It’s the perfect dress to grab in the morning, day in and day out. It’s comfortable enough to wear around the house all day chasing kids but looks nice enough to wear on a video call. Quarantine is the perfect time to try the 100 Day challenge and, if successful, Mom can earn a new dress to debut once she is allowed out in the world again.

Made & Measured: Many Moms struggle with finding jeans that fit and when she has ditched her work wardrobe for weekend wear all week long that problem can become more noticeable. Made & Measured jeans are made to-order for under $80 based on Mom’s height, body type, and style preference. They are great to wear around the house and, hopefully, outside one day soon.

New Pajamas: It’s hard to keep track of the days of the week in quarantine and there may often be no need to get dressed until noon or maybe ever. This calls for new pajamas. Dagsmejan pajamas are not just cute, but they don’t look like traditional pajamas so the tops can pass for shirts for video calls. They also come in fabrics designed for optimal sleeping in hot or cool climates so it’s a great upgrade for the rising temperatures.

Keens: No need for heels this Mother’s Day! Instead, get her a new pair of easy-on, easy-off Keens that are just as comfortable indoors as they are for frequent trips to the backyard. They can also withstand any water, mud, or sand that may come their way closer to home or on all of the outings and vacations she will want to catch up on once the quarantine is lifted.

Rockport Slip Ons: Cute and casual is the order of the day for Moms in quarantine. On days she wears shoes at all for a government-sanctioned bike ride or walk, or what has now become an exciting outing to the supermarket, a pair of easy on, easy off kicks that wouldn’t work for the office make a great gift.

Quarantine Beauty:

Trophy Skin: The same three people may be the only ones seeing your skin close-up and in-person, but even where there is no need to put on make-up you can give your skin some TLC and a glow. That way, your skin will be in the best shape possible once it’s time to venture out into the real world again.

Formula 10.0.6 has been around since 1933 but just introduced a new line of skincare based on vitamins known to be good for skin. Mom may be under unprecedented levels of stress, making now the perfect time to give her some new cleansers and moisturizers to help combat aging and make her feel relaxed.

byHumankind doesn’t just have yummy smelling body washes and hand sanitizers they also have a mission to cut down on waste so everything is eco-friendly and made with an eye towards reducing single-use plastics. Mom just may cry in relief when she opens a bottle of grapefruit hand sanitizer that can be used to refill her rapidly dwindling stash.

Hair Towel: Whatever Mom’s usual hair routine is, she now has time to let her hair air dry. This Volo Hair Towel is the perfect way to quarantine. With no rush out the door to go to work or get drinks Mom can let her hair air-dry wrapped in a chic towel and no one will bat an eye.

Tidal Hair Sticks: Hair sticks are cool and not just because Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel all wore them. Chances are a messy bun is a standard for Mom in quarantine. These hair sticks make it easy for Mom to throw her hair into a bun but without that “Mom bun” look.

If Mom is diligent about setting a good example and washing her hands for twenty seconds all day long dry hands are a perpetual Mom problem. Cure her achy fingers and wrists with this COCOOILlavender baby oil complete with a calming scent mixed right in.

Stay Healthy:

No Gym? No problem: With gyms closed and walking or running curtained in some areas, Mom may be looking for a way to get some exercise within the confines of her own four walls. The good news is, there is no need to have tons of space for equipment or a huge budget. The DribbleUp Smart Medicine Ball is under $100 and comes with tons of access to workouts at all levels (including some that can be done in as little as five minutes) via an app that gives you instant feedback. House Gym is another good option for under $100. This complete set of resistance bands can do nearly everything a costlier, and bigger, set of weights can do and includes access to workouts. Best of all, Dads and older kids can use this equipment as well — with Mom’s permission. Pair with a Fitbit Charge 4​ so that Mom can keep track of how well she is keeping with exercise and steps while in captivity. Mom can even keep track of how long and well she is sleeping along with how high her heart rate is getting.

For the Kitchen:

It’s no secret that Moms usually spend more time in the kitchen than other family members but with the pressure on to prepare meals and endless snacks while in quarantine an upgrade in kitchenware might be the best gift ever. Go for something that is useful and that will last or make her life easier.

Little Spatty spatulas make a great add-on gift for Mom. This Shark Tank hit is so popular because it allows Mom to get that extra bit out of the jar, which can be essential when trips to the supermarket are limited to once a week or less. As a bonus, a clean Spatty can also be used to salvage bit of makeup that would otherwise go to waste.

The Vitamix is legendary for a reason. These powerful benders can be used to make everything from soups to sorbet to nut milks to salsas and more. When stuck inside a Vitamix can be an invaluable way to prepare some of those endless meals, whip up a quick treat when the kids are restless, or Mom needs something to help her get through the day.

Bread Making Mania? The new national pastime is making bread. It can be easy, or it can be frustrating. Make it easy on Mom by investing in the tools she needs to be successful. Kitchenaid in the new color-of-the-year, a sunny yellow to remind us all that we needed a ray of sunshine indoors and had the time to bake endlessly in 2020. Plus, the included dough hook means Mom’s already dried-out hands will be saved the work of kneading. Pair with a Le Creuset Dutch Oven or affordable Heritage Loaf Pan. These will quickly become kitchen staples and make endless cooking during quarantine more bearable and best of all can be put to good use even after we can find bread on shelves and restaurant tables once again.

Tech Help:

Smart Speakers: A Google Nest paired with the Google Home app is a great way to make Mom’s life easier during quarantine and beyond. A Google Nest Hub is the gadget that can do it all, from looking up recipes, to making Duo calls to friends and family she can’t see in person, to playing games with the kids so that she can get a break. Use with Google Nest Mini for under $30 to create a network throughout the house so she does not have to shout for anyone to be quiet. Fully integrate your home by adding a Chromecast device to your TV so that Mom can turn on her child’s favorite show just by speaking the name of the program out loud whenever she reaches that moment where needs a break or is just too tired to look from the remote — and she can do it from her phone. Or, call up to your child that everything is okay without putting down that nightly glass or wine or pausing Netflix.


Mom may not be going to any dress-up events anytime soon, but putting on a new necklace or a pair of earrings can help make her days feel a bit more normal and give her a boost. This personalized Danish necklace from Julio Designs is under $35 and even comes in a pretty jar with a cork top that Mom can keep. Another option is a personalized necklace from Tiny Tags that can be customized with a name, gem stone, metal type, and even engraving for a special message starting at under $100.00. Under great option for under $100 is a personalized necklace from Lat & Lo like this Starmap Necklace that features an etched sky from any date, place, and time. Choose where Mom is quarantining as a reminder of this very unique Mother’s Day or choose a place Mom misses and wants to visit as soon as she is granted some freedom to roam.

A Creative Outlet

A Mom’s Night Out: Okay, make it a Mom’s night in. Cupixel is an innovative art studio in a box. Download an image of your own or choose one from the app. Choose your color palate then follow the detailed and surprisingly easy to follow instructions to paint your own masterpiece. For Mother’s Day book a virtual Paint n’ Sip event for Mom and her friends to simulate a girls’ night out. Or, with shops closed order a Cuepixel that you can use to create a truly personalized and unique gift for Mom that she can proudly display at home — or in her office when she is able to go back to work.

A Glowforge is an investment but one that will pay off in output and a possible side gig. Laster cut wood to make a giant Jenga game for the yard, engrave chocolates, or give Mom the tools she needs to decorate the house now that she has the time by making personalized signs. Kids can get involved in the design process to and their quarantine art can be memorialized and hung on the wall forever.

Work From Home Necessities:

In quarantine everyone needs a little extra space. The Edge Desk is an ergonomic desk that folds-up for easy storage then can be brought out whenever Mom needs some space of her own — or needs to set up a space for the kids so that she can keep her area all to herself.

A new chair that Mom can use for work calls, answering emails, and snuggling might just be on her quarantine wish list. The Delta Landry Swivel Chair​ has sleek lines that look professional enough for a Zoom call but the swivel makes it comfortable enough to relax in after hours or to sit in while juggling a little tike and a laptop.

There may a ​lot​ of sitting happening during quarantine. A lot. The Plane Balance Board​ can help Mom stand up and get her own wiggles out to help her stay active and fit while on calls, playing with the kids, or answering emails. As a bonus, it’s soft footprint means that older kids can use it too.

Making a make-shift office can be difficult. The Slope​ from Fluidstance might be just what she needs to up productivity. This small dry-erase whiteboard was designed to fit just between the keyboard and monitor and has a built-in phone dock. As a bonus, it can be used to occupy kids who wander into her workspace.

Just for Fun:

Well Told Map Glass: Mom may not be going anywhere soon, but these glasses with etched maps from cities around the world can allow her to dream of places she has been or places she wants to go once the quarantine lifts. Choose from glass coffee mugs, wine glasses, pint glasses and more so she can enjoy the beverage of her choice while taking a trip in her mind!

Mom You’re So Annoying!: Normally Mom would shudder to hear this, but she may be thinking the same thing about certain family members after weeks of being cooped up with them. Show her you love her anyway with an adorable mug proclaiming “Because I said so!” or a sweatshirt proclaiming that she runs on coffee & chaos.

Get Out…side.

Nights at home mean more fun needs to come to Mom. A good choice is the TikiBrand Fire Pit that, unlike other fire pits, doesn’t look like a witch’s cauldron and comes with fuel packets that can be used to light a fire even without scout experience. This is a great investment that Mom can enjoy after the kids go to bed for some “me time” or to create magical family memories around the fire for years to come. Get an optional screen to increase control over the fire and keep little hands away.

Bicycle: The kids have probably been riding a bike of one kind or another since the time they could walk but Mom may have not been on a bike for years. Fix that and get her a super low-maintenance Priority Bicycles Bike that has a fool-proof gear system where she turns the handle adorably changes from a cyclist riding a flat road to one going up a hill so there is no guesswork about gears when trying to keep apace with little riders or running for a quick errand when she finds out the local convenience store got a fresh shipment of toilet paper.

Now more than ever Mom needs a place to just sit and relax. This swinging Wolsingham Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Swing Chair with Stand is the perfect indoor/outdoor Egg Chair for Mom to create her own little nest just for her or to share with a little one who needs cuddle to get through quarantine. Or, Hammock like this one from Byer of Maine could be the perfect spot for Mom to stop looking at distance classrooms and Zoom meetings and stare at the sky instead. Either is the perfect place for A+ quarantine zoning out.

With no long outings on the horizon no big diaper bag is necessary. This Anti-Diaper Bag from Anjie & Ash is the perfect size for a quarantine walk around the block. With room for just the necessities this bag won’t add much weight so it won’t slow Mom down when she needs to quickly shuffle six feet away from the other Moms out for a walk.

With summer around the corner but no childcare in sight a Lillebaby Complete All Seasons is the gift that will keep on giving so Mom can carry her baby from Zoom call to a bread kneading session in the kitchen and back again. Even better, when mom does get outside this is the perfect carrier to ensure neither baby nor Mom overheats.

Don’t let kids have all the fun in the backyard this summer. With more time at home in isolation treat Mom to this adult-sized kiddie pool from Minnidip that can fit three adults or a Mom and her minis. Since Mom likely won’t be lounging at the hotel pool or swimclub this summer this could be the next best thing, assuming building an in-ground pool is out of the question. Pair with a swimsuit from the Nike Swim Essentials collection meant to move with Mom from high-waisted bikinis to swim-ready shorts and tanks.

Safety First!

CleanWell: During no other time would cleaning products make an appropriate gift for Mother’s Day. But, in the middle of a global pandemic kid-friendly, virus-fighting wipes, sprays, and sanitizers may be just what the doctor ordered. This Mother’s Day only add some toilet paper (if you can find it) and watch the accolades for best gift ever roll in.

Giftgowns Masks: One thing that definitely does not appear on any Mother’s Day gift guides pre-2020 is a pretty mask for going out. We can hope that masks won’t warrant consideration next Mother’s Day, but this year a cute mask to make Mom’s rare trips out a little more tolerable might just be the perfect, and most affordable, gift. VIDA masks are another good option that you can buy in Mom’s favorite color and that have a slot for a filter.

Luxury Hand Sanitizer: What says I love you more in 2020 more than giving Mom her very own bottle of luxury hand sanitizer? Define Me has stepped in to help address the dual problem of a hand sanitizer shortage and hands dried out from too much hand sanitizing and washing. This hand sanitizer is made with moisturizers and pretty scents.

Does Mom want to literally clean the air? With so much time at home and so many germs looking for a way in the Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier just may be the gift that makes her swoon this year.

UV Lights that kill the Coronavirus may seem sci-fi but this year they are all the rage. Check out the PhoneSoap, a little box with a big punch that sanitizes phones of all sizes as well as smaller high-touch items like keys and credit cards. A nightly stop in the box for everyone’s phone might be just what Mom needs to sleep easy at night.

Mom may be spending more time in the kitchen now than she ever imagined she would in her lifetime. The number of dishes that need to washed and dried might rival those of a small cafe after a dinner rush. Enter the drying mat from Sonoma Wool Company​ that blends well with nearly any decor but is larger than a standard mat without being huge and made from a breed of sheep whose coat naturally repels water.



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