The Bets Tech Gifts for 2020

Jamie Davis Smith
3 min readDec 8, 2020

For the perfect gift in 2020 look no further than a gadget or toy that is all about tech. From VR to help escape reality to coding creations we have you covered. Read on to find tech options for every age.

The Science Guy

Join Bill Nye in his lab to complete experiments — literally. This Bill Nye VR Science Set comes with a pair of VR goggles so that the famed scientist can walk kids through more than 50 experiments from chemistry to physics designed for kids 8–12.

Watch Me Now

Sitting in front of a computer all day is a drag. A portable, and more affordable, Amazon Fire HD Tablet is a great solution for the kid who has to be online a lot but needs to move around or doesn’t have a dedicated spot for virtual school. With a winter with lax screen time rules looming a tablet for each child can also solve the problem of constant fighting over whose turn it is to choose a TV show.

Smart Move

Let kids see the immediate results of their coding efforts with these Smart Buddies and SmartGurlz coding robots. Link the app to your doll and their scooter to complete missions, play along with stories and more. The coding app uses block-coding that is intuitive for many kids.

Coding for Kids

Kibo Coding kits have long been used in classrooms to teach coding and this year there is a home version available for the first time. Kids as young as four can code using this screen-free robot that grows with your child as their skills grow and they can engage in more complex coding.

Mouse Magic

This year has just about everyone using their computers more than usual. Make it a little easier by upping their computer game with an ergonomically correct and super-light mouse like this one from Glorious Gaming PC Mouse that performs just as well for work as it does for gaming. Anyone who has been spending more time on line from newly minted kindergarteners to hard working parents and everyone in between will appreciate tech that makes life a little easier.

Cutting Edge Tech

The Oculus Quest 2 may be the hot gift of the season. Who wouldn’t want to escape the reality of the past year? The Oculus Quest 2 is the immersive, next-level VR gaming experience that teens need to take them out of the four walls they have been calling home, school and social center for the past nine months. There are epic adventures, surreal worlds and new challenges posted weekly.


Every child will be fascinated by this Plasma Globe that teaches kids about electricity through touch. No one has been electrocuted but this yet. Instead, touch the globe to safely create an electrical spark then watch as the electric strands of light follow your finger. This version also features a sound component. Turn on your favorite music and watch the electricity dance.



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