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The Best Gifts for T(w)eens in 2021

Jamie Davis Smith


Tweens and teens are notoriously hard to please during the holidays. They are too old for toys but not yet old enough to appreciate well made goods and fine foods. Read on for our suggestions for the best gifts for t(w)eens in 2021.

Write it Down

Your t(w)een is probably full of angst. And they may not want to share all of the drama with you. The STMT Journaling Set includes not just a journal for writing down their deepest thoughts but it also includes all of the supplies they need to decorate their journal. From glitter tape to stickers, your kiddo can make their journal their own.

On-Trend Threads

T(w)eens are finding their own style. For an edgier look that separates the big kids from the tykes you can’t go wrong with NuNuNu World’s unique duds. Graphics include kid-friendly skulls and Mischief Cat to add an element of fun to the grit.

Fidget Widgets

It’s hard to be a t(w)een when everyone expects you to sit still so much of the time. Arggh Ball Mini fidgets are a fun, colorful way to keep t(w)een hands busy on long car rides, when reading or any other time they just need something to do with their hands. If your t(w)een likes the feel of popping packing bubbles, the Power Your Fun Puzzle Pop! is a great option. Pop power comes from fidgets that replicate the feel of popping bubbles, but this version of the popular fidget has a twist — the pieces can be used to play a Tetris-like game.

Build A Car

Hot Wheels aren’t just for kids. T(w)eens who are too old to play with the minicars but who secretly want to, the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker building set is the best of both worlds. With this set older kids build their very own bone shaking Hot Wheels car suitable for play or display.

How It Works

T(w)eens bodies are changing. This means that they often want to know more about how their bodies work but they do not want to ask Mom and Dad. Know Yourself Books are not embarrassing to open in front of others because they don’t focus on *those* changes, but they are a good look into bones and how other body parts work.

Colorful Cubes

Even moody t(w)eens need a bit of color in their lives. CMY Cubes are mesmerizing. It’s almost impossible to look away as they change color with every movement. They also look great displayed in a room or on a desk.

Get Crafty

Encourage your t(w)een’s creative spirit with a craft kit. Doodlehog has great, affordable kits that come with everything your budding artist needs to create string art that glows. When they are stuck indoors a craft kit is the perfect boredom antidote.



Jamie Davis Smith

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