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The Best Gifts for Parents in 2021

Jamie Davis Smith
4 min readDec 7, 2021

Parents work hard. That means it should be easy for them to play hard too. That is especially true as the pandemic goes on (and on) and parents need to help their children navigate through these “challenging times.” Read on for gift ideas that parents will really appreciate.

Worker Smarter, Not Harder

Parents do it all. Give them the gift of working smarter, not harder. A great organizer or journal from Her Space Co. can help them stay organized. If the parent on your list spends a lot of time in a chair, either working from home or organizing the family calendar and meal plan, check out the all33 Desk Chair. This chair was designed by a chiropractor to improve posture and reduce neck strain leaving parents in better shape to play.

Beautify Their Space

Sure, any house with kids is probably a mess a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean the house can’t be pretty. Bring some nature indoors with a pretty Bloomscape plant delivered right to their door. A Bloomscape won’t create clutter and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and planter styles to fit anyone’s lifestyle. You can even sort by categories including “no fuss” and pet-friendly.

Get Ahold of Yourself

Parents run themselves ragged. A wearable health tracking device may help parents figure out where they can make some improvements in their step count or getting more sleep. An Oura Ring helps parents figure out how they can make small adjustments to improve their health and energy. When parents have the information they need to live their best lives the entire family benefits.

Easy Street

A Thermomix is a splurge but parents around the world love it for its ability to simplify meal time. This magical appliance sits on a counter and does everything from cooking rice to blending to sous vide. Thanks to Thermomix’s layers it can also cook an entrée, sides and desserts at the same time. Thermomix is wildly popular with families in Europe for good reason. It’s time to get this into the kitchen of the special parents in your life to free up the time spent cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

Let’s Get Physical

Chances are busy parents can’t fit in trips to gym no matter how much they want to stay healthy and fit. The answer is powerful at-home workout gear that doesn’t take up a lot of space. YBell weights have a unique design that means they can be used as a kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip med ball, push-up stand and more. Fitfighter is an easy to story steel hose that packs big impact. A Fitfighter hose can be use to lift, swing or drag all from the comfort of home. Or, splurge on an Echeon Reflect mirror. This unobtrusive piece of workout equipment hangs on the wall and brings gym quality classes from HITT to yoga to strength training and more[JDS1] . Add on some cute Zizzy Fit athletic wear that is flattering to all body types.


Most parents would love a little more glamour in their lives. Wrap up some bling. A delicate gold bracelet from Curious Creatures or a pretty “Love” necklace from JTV. Jewelry is a classic gift any parent will wear proudly throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Up Their Cute Factor

Bum bags are back. Since parents always have to lug things around, get them a cute Aimee Kestenberg bum bag that is the perfect size to tote the essentials in style, even if the essentials include a diaper or two. NUNUNU World is a good option for the parents who want to break out of the Mom jeans. NUNUNU makes comfy clothes with enough style to stand out and make it clear that you haven’t completely given up. Evil Eye Beauty is the answer to helping parents’ look their best with moisturizing cream, clay masks and more.

Get Some Zzzzs

It’s amazing how much better sleep can be with a few tweaks. This is important for parents who are always pulled in too many directions. Kailu’s Open Road Portable Throw is a gorgeous way to help parents make the most of the time have to sleep and relax. The included silk eye mask helps parents stay asleep even after the sun rises — or after a neighbor shines headlights into the room. The set’s throw is made from soft raw silk and is the prefect accessory to bring to bed or to use lounging on the couch.

Caffeine Delivery Devices

Parents need to stay well hydrated. In most cases they also need to stay well caffeinated. Well Told glass and ceramic mugs can be ordered personalized with a map of their hometown or the sky on the night of their birthday. Or, give them a gift that is a sign of the times. A COVID-19 mug from Giant Microbes. For something very practical, a YETI rambler will keep hot coffee hot and iced tea cold.



Jamie Davis Smith

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