The Best Gifts for Kids in 2021

Jamie Davis Smith
3 min readDec 7, 2021

It’s the most magical time of the year! That means it’s time to stock up on gifts for the special kids in your life. The best gifts are ones that will spark a child’s interest and keep them busy and keep messes to a minimum. Read on for our suggestions.

Sneaky Math

We don’t recommend giving your child a math workbook for the holidays. But, you can be sneaky and give them a game designed to improve math skills. My First Math Game from Think Fun is three games in one to help kids stealthy learn basic math skills like more than, less than and basic addition.

Get Out!

The Young Scientists Club Nature Adventure Pack has everything kids need to get out of your house and explore what’s around them. The small animal house, animal tracking game and crafts all fit into the included backpack making it the perfect gift to get kids some fresh air and give you a breather!

Go! Go! Go!

Kids love to go, go, go! A Matchbox Airport Adventures set is a great option to let kids go anywhere they like…in their imagination. This set comes complete with a car and a plane and as a bonus, it connects to other Matchbox sets.

Comfy Clothes

By the time the holidays roll around you probably have a decent idea of what your child needs to get through the rest of the winter. A new hoodie or super-soft masks from Mightly are a great choice. Check out their fun space-themed designs or give your child ultimate cook points with a t-shirt with headphone printed right on the front.


Classics like Playmobil and LEGO are always a good go-to gift, even for the kid who already has it all. Both have it all from unicorns to superheroes to Dinos their own themed towns. The perfect gift could be as easy as choosing one of these classics that have stood the test of time. The best part is that these sets can be used over and over again and combined with new sets to give them more life than the typical gift.


As far as kids are concerned, something with a screen might be the best gift they get for the holidays. A new Fire HD Kids PRO is a great choice for kids who aren’t ready for unrestricted access to all the internet has to offer. This is a full-featured tablet designed to grow with your child — all with complete parental control over what kids access and when. It also comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ and its own case.

Build It!

Plus-Plus is a unique building toy shaped like, you guessed it, plus signs. They interlock in all kinds of interesting ways and open up the possibility for tons of creative building options. Clixo Crew Pack is another unique building toy. Clixo magnetic pieces click together to make Origami-inspired creations that are likely different from anything your little one already has in their toy box.


The Force1 Tornado remote control stunt car does it all. Lights! Sounds! Stunts! This is a gift that will wow your little one for hours as they figure out different ways to use this versatile remote-control car.

Claw Through It

Who doesn’t love a good claw machine? Give your child one they build themselves. A Thames & Kosmos Candy Claw Machine is a kit the family can build together. Once that’s done your family will be the proud owner of a real-life working claw machine right in your playroom! No quarters needed.

Get Their Wiggles Out

A Coco Village activity climber may be what saves your sanity this winter and on rainy days to come. This climber has places for tots to climb, swing, dangle and more. This is a great gift for any child who needs an alternative to climbing the walls (or your furniture).



Jamie Davis Smith

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