The Best Father’s Day Gifts For A Unique 2020 Holiday

Jamie Davis Smith
16 min readJun 11, 2020

Father’s Day is around the corner and this one is a Father’s Day like no other. You may not be able to head to the store to browse but you can still get Dad a gift he will love.


Working from home has become the new normal for many Dads and with it the need for a new place to work has become glaringly obvious. Even after Dad heads back to work he will appreciate blazing fast internet and a quiet place, even if it’s not quite a man cave.

If, like most of America, Dad’s WiFi has been stretched give him an upgrade. The Google Nest WiFi may be the answer to stretched-thin internet and dead spots. These extenders come in different colors to match home décor. The accompanying app is also extremely customizable so it’s possible to use parental controls, create a guest network, create priority for selected devices, and pause access. Need more? The Nest Wifi Points double as Google Assistants.

The Moto360 may be what Dad needs both to look professional on Zoom calls and to help achieve that elusive work/life balance while working from home. This sleek looking watch also can send Dad calendar reminders, allow him to set alarms for meetings and lunch breaks with the kids, and keep track of fitness.

Give the office, or other workspace no matter where it may be, an upgrade with this rug from Wayfair that can modernize and brighten any work-from-home space while keeping a homey feel that will outlast the pandemic.

A Glorious PC Gaming keyboard take Dad’s productivity to the next level. Maybe not, but it’s back-lit keys that can be programed to Dad’s tastes and interchangeable keys (including switches for Gamer Dads) will make working from home a little less painful.

If Dad is working from home even part time noise cancelling headphones that actually work like the Bose 700 are a gift that Dad will appreciate on a daily basis. These headphones can be paired with multiple devices so Dad can switch between Zoom meetings on his laptop and conference calls on his cell phone easily. Or, Dad can pretend he is working by slipping them on to create a quite zone when he can’t leave the house and the kids can’t settle down. If Dad prefers earbuds check out Edifier Noise canceling wireless earbuds that can be used to be immersive or set to ambient mode in case Dad doesn’t want to (or can’t) tune out the kids entirely.

It’s summer! That means the house might be getting hot. With Dad spending more time at home he may appreciate a Lasko Wind Curve Cooling Fan that he can leave in his home office or easily more wherever he is working or easily move from room to room or put in his bedroom to make sleeping more comfortable at night.

Dad Gear

No matter what kind of Dad he is chances are Dad will like some type of Dad Gear to help make his everyday a little better and easier.

A Lockly Smart Lock is a good choice for the Dad who wants to upgrade home security or the Dad who always forgets his keys. This lock is so smart it can sense if your door is left open, can tell you when your door was locked and unlocked and allows Dad to choose code or fingerprint entry.

The Zeus Mini is a Dad’s dream. This tiny magnetic light also has a clip so it can be attached to just about anything, anywhere giving Dad some extra help on whatever project he’s working on during quarantine and beyond. It’s also a great option to put in a fort.

The BioLite Headlamp is the gadget Dad didn’t know he needed. This ultra-slim headlamp sits flush on Dad’s forehead so it won’t move or slip. It also comes with a rechargeable battery so Dad never needs to worry about running out of power. It’s perfect for jobs around the house and socially distant camping trips.

Dads across the country are heading to their yards to create an oasis. Upgrade his gear and make the yard look better than ever with a snazzy new Black & Decker weed wacker and sweeper to help make his job easier. As a bonus the entire family will benefit from both the nicer looking yard and the extra time Dad will have to spend with the family when his work takes less time.

Dad may be engaging in a lot of home improvement projects right about now or he may have some on his wish list. This cool Plott Cubit uses an app to help make precise measurements from anything to hanging up pictures to putting up shelves. It’s better, more accurate, and more fun than a tape measure.

More time at home means more mess at home. More viruses mean more cleaning. It’s a situation that has many parents looking to up their game when it comes to fast and easy cleaning and disinfecting. The Karcher Steam Cleaner works on just about any surface and disinfects using nothing but water so Dad won’t need to worry about using any harsh chemicals around the kids.

Does Dad have a beard? Maybe he grew one of thousands of pandemic beards? Wild Willie’s Beard Butter just may be the perfect Father’s Day gift at under $10.00. This balm helps moisturize and reduce irritation — and can help made Dad’s new beard a little more presentable for Zoom or a return to the office.

Is Dad on the go? Give him a way to bring along whatever he needs for the office or the kids with the Thule Chasm Backpack. This grown-up backpack has thoughtful details like a top pocket for essentials like his phone and keys and within easy reach, a dedicated laptop sleeve, and the ability to add a bike light for extra visibility. Plus, it’s waterproof so it can withstand slimy kid-hands.

Give Dad the gift of relaxation without cutting into your own time. The Ryker Roll is a hand-held self-massager with a rotating stainless steel ball that can be frozen for cold therapy or heated in hot water for warm pressure. It’s small enough to be used on the temples to relieve headaches caused by children fighting and to use on the neck and shoulders to help relieve strain from being on Zoom calls all day.

Dad Friendly Kitchen Gear

Since it is no longer the 1950s and Dads are spending more time at home many are also spending more time in the kitchen. Get Dad some Dad-friendly kitchenware to encourage him to keep it up and keep going.

Dad’s thing might be stews and chili for dinner or pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Whichever it is he likes to cook give him the gift of making it a little easier with a LeCreuset Stockpot or Signature Skillet. Not only will these last long enough to pass down to the kids one day but they will also give your kitchen an easy upgrade you can enjoy too.

Fewer meals out probably mean mode bland kid-friendly meals. Solve this dilemma by giving Dad the ultimate Tabasco hot sauce gift set with a variety of sauces he can try to liven up whatever dish winds up on his plate that needs a kick. This gift set means that Dad may find a new variety he likes.

There is a good chance Dad runs of coffee. Upgrade his cuppa Joe with the SMEG Espresso Maker that not only brings a retro feel to the kitchen but also makes the best espresso, cappuccino, and latte with the built-in milk frother. As a bonus, this machine is small enough to fit on almost any counter without taking up a lot of space.

If Dad could use one appliance that can make everything from hot soups to smoothies to crushed ice for cocktails the Hurom Blender is a great choice. This do-it-all blender makes cooking and cleaning simple and it comes with a recipe book to help Dad get started.

Whatever Dad likes to drink get him is own custom glass, mug, or cup from Well Told etched with his hometown, college town, or the sky as it appeared on a special night like his birthday or your wedding anniversary. Had to cancel your family vacation this summer? Choose the destination where you were supposed to go and promise him it will happen next year. If Dad needs to make his coffee and run he will appreciate the durable stainless steel Horizon Tumbler from Camelback with a spill-proof lid that keeps hot coffee hot (and iced coffee cold) for hours.

More time in the kitchen might mean knives are getting dull or maybe Dad is ready to up his knife skills. A Verve Culture Moon Knife is the perfect addition to Dad’s kitchen arsenal that will help get him excited to chop and dice. Plus, it’s unique shape is a nice conversation piece.

It’s not quite gear but it may be the best treat Dad has ever had. Gelato Boy is authentic Italian Gelato made with premium ingredients. Classics like chocolate and mint chocolate chip are available but be sure to try a unique flavor like Gooey Buttercake or Blackberry Lavender. Pints can be shipped anywhere in the United States and you can even get Dad a monthly gelato subscription.

Outdoor Fun

The kiddie sprinkler probably isn’t much fun for Dad, but you can super-size the Fun Boy Rocketship Sprinkler that is taller than Dad and has water shooting out of all sides. This huge sprinkler is the perfect yard accessory for a quarantined summer and will make a great backdrop for photos. Pair with a new swimsuit from Cheeky Chickadee in bright, fun patterns that come in matching kid styles as well.

Chances are the kids are out riding bikes a lot and Dad may be a little jealous. Whether Dad hasn’t been on a bike for years or could use an upgrade the Priority Classic Plus is a great choice for a low maintenance bike with upgraded features like a grease and rust-free gates carbon drive belt and puncture resistant tires. Whether Dad is getting a new bike or sticking with his old one, consider some Arkel Pannier Bags so that Dad can use his bike to run errands when he hears hand sanitizer is back in stock or can pack lunch when heading out for a ride with the kids. If he is riding more, or just hasn’t had a new helmet in a long time, a Bontrager Wavecel helmet is the perfect Father’s Day gift to make sure that Dad not just sets a good example for the kids but also stays safe. A simple accessory is a light-weight squeezable Polar Bottle water bottle that is designed for cyclists to be easy to use to stay hydrated on the road or trail.

For the Dad who wants some fun on the road with a sidekick along the Schwinn Twinn is the classic bicycle built for two. It’s great for date nights and rides with kids to the park with a child in tow. The Twinn goes surprisingly fast and is easy to maneuver.

Family time in the yard will be made much better with addition of a fire pit like the Breeo that not just looks much nicer and more modern than a traditional firepit but also doubles as a way to cook on built in sear plate perfect for meat or veggies. Or, add the optional outpost grill for more cooking options beyond s’mores. Plus, the Breeo is smokeless so it’s not just Dad friendly but its kid-friendly as well.

Dad may not be able to go to the beach to relax but you can help him make the backyard into an oasis. This oversized hammock stand and hammock from Overstock are perfect for Dad to hang out in by himself or with a couple of kids. Dad won’t have to tell if he takes a call or two while swinging.

No room for a hammock stand? No problem. The Republic of Durable Goods is the world’s smallest framed hammock that can be used indoors or out, left up or folder for storage, left at home or brought on the road. It even has a sun shade and cup holder so Dad can relax in style. Whether he shares or not will be up to him.

The Big Blanket is really big. This blanket is perfect for picnics in the yard or park that can fit the whole family. It’s also big enough to spread out of the entire sofa or to be used to make an epic fort. This is a gift that Dad will enjoy for many years to come and just may become a family favorite.

Whether Dad is chasing after kids all day or is embracing business casual chances are will appreciate a new pair of kicks for Father’s Day. Upgrade his everyday footwear with a pair of Brooks running shoes that are just as good for running to train, sprinting around the yard, or pacing during conference calls. Pair with SwiftWick Socks for extra support and cushioning.

If Dad wants to go even more casual, give him a pair of Staheekum slippers that will keep his feet cozy and cushioned all day long. No one on Zoom has to know he’s not wearing loafers with his tie.


This Pandemic Father’s Day and lot of Father’s are home more, which means more time to play. Finding toys that are fun for both Dads and kids can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to have extended playtime that everyone enjoys.

Hess Trucks are a classic. New 2020 Hess Minitrucks trucks are perfect way to pass the time during this pandemic whether you are adding to an existing collection or starting a Hess Truck collection for the first time. Because this is a three-pack there are plenty of trucks for Dads and kids to play with together and use their imaginations.

If Dad is an essential employee or likes to show his thanks for those who are he may like building this Healthcare Heroes Magnatiles Luminary set with the kiddos. Or, if he has Space Shuttle fever he will loves this Galaxy Rocket Ship that will actually help him teach kids the STEM skills they need to be an astronaut one day.

Plain old cars can get boring fast but the Design & Drill Race Car is a car you can build with the “real” working drill then take apart and rebuild. Dad can work with or alongside his little one. The box doubles as a roadway and garage so be sure to hang onto the packaging. A toy you build yourself is always more fun!

What better time to build a LEGO set together than when celebrating Father’s Day at home? Go for a BIG set like the A-Wing Fighter from Star Wars that can be displayed, played with, or even taken apart and made into something else. This is a great choice for Dads of kids who are already Star Wars fans and Dads that hope to foster a love of Star Wars in the future.

Give Dad a snazzy new deck of playing cards. Bicycle Cards has something for everyone ranging from cards featuring architectural Wonders of The World to asteroids — and most are $10.00 or less. Check out the How To Play section of the Bicycle Cards website to find games by number of players and age ranges from poker to solitaire. Dads of tweens and teens might like Tattoo Stories where players take turns being the customer and drawing tattoos — and coming up with the best stories to go along with the tattoos. Dance Charades puts a new twist on the classic game of charades. Pick a card then use Alexa or your Google Assistant to activate a 40-second music clip. Players get points for guessing the right answer and their epic dance moves. Family game night has spiked in popularity during quarantine and we think it’s here to stay. Refresh Dad’s stash with something new. Aventerra Games has a line of games centered around finding solutions to environmental issues like Climate Change and Recycle Rally. These games are a good starting point to open conversations about being a responsible citizen or to just have fun.

Give Dad an Adventure Challenge to make some memories. The challenges are available for families, couples, or friends and come in beautifully bound books with scratch-off challenges you have to do. The books have place next to each challenge for a photo to document the memories you will make.

For under $10.00 BeanBoozled is a game the whole family will enjoy, but especially when Dad gets a mouthful of Dirty Dishwater Jelly Belly jellybeans when he was expecting Birthday Cake. See if Dad can stomach Stink Bug when he really wanted Toasted Marshmallow. Or, be kind to Dad and get him a 50 Flavor Jelly Belly gift box instead.

With most families spending more time in the kitchen baking and breaking bread together Hasty Baker is a good card game to add to your collection. Players need to gather all of the ingredients for their recipes — all while making sure no one steals their butter or breaks their timer.

For the Dad who still knows how to have fun and be active with his kids try a backyard quarter pipe from OC Ramps. This kit comes ready-to-assemble and is great way for Dad to make memories with any child who shares a love of skating or for the Dad who wants to instill a love of skating. This is a gift that will bring Dad (and his offspring) hours of fun for years to come.

Getting Around

Dad may be spending more time with kids and that means a great gift would be a way for Dad to get around more easily with kids.

A Lillebaby Sport Carrier is a fantastic baby carrier for Dads. This carrier is not just comfy but is made out of lightweight water resistant ripstop fabric that is perfect for summer walks with baby. And it comes in Dad-friendly colors.

The Wonderfold W-2 Wagon is the perfect way for Dad to get a couple of kids and their supplies around on nearly any terrain. It functions as a stroller and wagon with an adjustable handle, sun canopy, cup holders, and the option for kids to lie down or sit on seats.

The Cybex Priam is the only stroller Dad will need. This reversible stroller has an adjustable handlebar so it’s comfortable for Dads of all heights to push and reclines so baby can sleep for as long as Dad can push. Use in two-wheeled mode to push on the beach or with a Cybex Aton Q Car seat for baby to move seamlessly between the car and stroller.

Another option for pushing baby in style is the Delta Revolve reversible stroller that reclines and reverses. It comes in a very Dad-friendly navy blue and has a handy one-handed for the Dad who can juggle it all.

Pandemic Necessities

Every Dad everywhere in America needs hand sanitizer. Trilogia is an upgrade from drugstore gels with a lighter, but just as effective, spray that isn’t drying. These sprays are infused with Terpene that is calming. Because Trilogia is a spray it can also be used on surfaces in a pinch.

Everyone, including Dads, needs a mask. Check out an option like the The One Cover that fits around Dad’s neck so it’s easy to pull up and down as needed. It can also be doubled for extra protection or to insert a filter. This style mask is easier to use and there is no guessing about fit.

If Dad prefers a traditional mask a three-layer SwaddleDesigns Mask is a great choice that comes in Dad-friendly colors like denim and black. SwaddleDesigns is used to making blankets for babies so they understand the importance of soft material against bare skin.

The KeySmart CleanKey is the gift that was not on Dad’s list three months ago but is something he needs now. The antimicrobial brass tool is great for opening doors, mailboxes, and touchscreens contact free. A CleanKey is going to be the it accessory in the coming months and Dad can get in early.

Everyone knows the importance of cleaning everything from cellphones and keys to handles. UV light kills bacteria and viruses. Bring the light wherever you are with a UV Kapsule Wand that can help fight Coronavirus even when disinfecting wipes can’t be found anywhere.

If Dad is an essential worker his feet could probably use a little TLC. Nabee socks are a great choice to provide a little pampering with extra cushioning, arch support, and longer lasting compression than most socks. A little comfort goes a long way.

Better Sleep

It’s important for Dad to get a good night’s sleep. Everyone is happier when Dad is well rested.

When was the last time Dad had a new mattress? Chances are it’s been a while. A new mattress can do more than just about anything else to help Dad get more and better quality shut-eye. An Idle mattress constructed with a combination of foam, hybrid, and latex will have Dad looking forward to hitting the hay. There are also luxury plush models with cooling gel for Dads who sleep hot.

A Sonoma Wool comforter is a surprisingly comfortable upgrade from most cotton or polyester comforters and blankets. Wool is not just for keeping warm since it also insulates against heat and helps sleepers maintain a constant body temperature.

Crisp new sheets are always a treat. Pamper Dad at the end of a long day with a set. Mellanni Jersey Sheets are a good choice for summer with their tee-shirt like material perfect for keeping cool on hot summer nights. Or, help Dad feel like he’s at a hotel with breathable super-soft PeachSkin Sheets that come in a variety of colors.


A lot of Dads have a new interest in space either because they watched America’s return to space from US soil a few weeks ago or because they think it’s just time to get off the planet.

The new book For All Humankind: The Untold Stories of How the Moon Landing Inspired the World by Dr. Danny Bednar and Ray Brisendine contains previously untold stories of how the Apollo Moon landing impacted not just America but those around the world. Any Dad who is awe of America’s past of future in space will enjoy reading these new perspectives.

With more time at home Dad is probably spending more time either lounging on the sofa, cuddling with kids, or both. This soft and striking Night Sky Fleece Blanket from Well Told will keep Dad cozy with its fleece lining while giving Dad the ability to dream about the stars or share the constellations with his little ones.

Dad may be grounded for a while, but he can still gaze at the stars. A Celestron Star Sense Explorer telescope is the perfect pandemic hobby so that Dad can still explore either on his own or with the kids. Use with the included fool-proof app that shows what can find in the sky using your exact time and location.



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