Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner. That means the pressure is on to find the perfect gift for the man of the hour. No matter what kind of Dad is in your life we have great Father’s Day gifts for every type of Dad — in every budget too.

The Outdoor Enthusiast Dad

Wherever a dad goes, he needs sustenance. Whether he’s out for the afternoon with the guys or taking the family on an outing, a Built cooler is a great way to tote around everything from beer to cheese sandwiches. Dad will appreciate the soft-sided cooler that is easier to carry around than traditional coolers. This is one of those Father’s Day gifts that will be used year-round.

Moms carry diaper bags, dads usually want something a little … different. This Kelty Redwing Internal Frame Backpack from Dick’s Sporting Goods is the perfect dad bag that goes seamlessly from the trails to the playground and can carry it all. With padded shoulders and a top-loading design comfort and convenience are key.

If dad knows the importance of spending nights outdoors he will love this Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag that works just as well in the backyard as it does on the campground. This one will keep your dad cozy with its cocoon shape down to 20 degrees. Plus, it comes in extra long for those extra long dads.

Dad needs boots that are made for walking. These Keen hiking boots are just what dad needs to keep up with the kids in any type of weather or for a weekend away in the woods. Plus, these will last forever and there are adorable matching versions for kids!

The On-The-Go Dad:

Dad doesn’t want to be slowed down, but he needs to stay hydrated. He will love this Hydaway water bottle that expands to fill and collapses to almost nothing once empty. It’s great for dads who commute to the office and the park. Add in charcoal filters and it’s also great for dads who adventure.

These Adidas Ultraboost sneakers are great for the dads who chase after kids, pound the pavement, or who just spend a lot of time on their feet. Kids usually get their sneakers refreshed once a year, but dad may not be so lucky. Make this the year he gets an upgrade. This is one another one of those Father’s Day gifts that will be used (and appreciated) year-round.

The Sporty Dad

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Dad needs a way to carry around everything from diapers to his sneakers. This Evolution Backpack is a dad-friendly bag that allows dad to pack something as big as a basketball with plenty of compartments leftover for water bottles (or sippy cups). Dads don’t often treat themselves to new bags so this would undoubtedly make a great gift.

One of the best things about basketball is that it can be played anywhere. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a sidewalk, a street, an alley or a full gum. Grab a goes-anywhere ball like this Wilson composite leather NCAA replica basketball and dad will be good to shoot hoops with the guys or the littles.

Playing ball! Playing catch is a classic pastime between fathers and their children. Make it a little more fun with a throwback baseball glove that can be passed down from father to son (or daughter).

The Fun Dad

Life with kids is about fun and games. But sometimes dad needs to take a break and zone out. This gorgeous solitaire game from Across the Board would look great on dad’s desk, by on his nightstand, or on a coffee table. This throwback will allow dad some tech-free downtime that is just for him.

Who says Legos are just for kids? Dad will love just about any Star Wars Lego sets, like this AT-AP set or a 20th-anniversary set. It will be up to dad whether he builds the set himself or lets the kids join in the fun.

This one might have the word “toy” right in the name but this Toybox will be just as much for dad as it is for the kids. This at-home 3-D printer is a unique gift that can be used to make an endless supply of other gifts from tic-tac-toe games to a pencil holder for his desk.

Spikeball is a game every fun dad will love. This game for between 2–4 players is a cross between volleyball and Foursquare and is really a game dad and the kids will all love to play. It can be played indoors or outdoors and there is even an optional accessory so that dad can play in water.

The Gadget Dad

Every dad needs to be able to stay in touch with his family — and to be able to stream on the go. Check out these great options from Morphie so dad never needs to worry about losing power again. This Powerstation charges up to 2.5x faster than a standard port using PD power. Charge two devices at time and get up to 23 hours more charge. Or, check out this ingenious Juice Pack that has a second battery built right into the case so you can charge your phone and back-up battery at the same time. There are wireless and wired options available depending on your phone model.

This DMOS Stealth Shovel is just what dad needs to get through winter and beyond. It’s a full-sized shovel that collapses down to fit in the trunk of a car or a tight space in a garage. Plus, it’s super-lightweight aluminum so the kids can use it to help shovel snow or dig the car out of the dirt.

Moms have a reputation for taking photos, but dads love having photos. Let dad print out photos instantly with pocket-sized wireless Kodak print and share inkless instant printer. Or, for the same price, check out this Kodak all-in-one pocket-sized camera and Smile Instant Print Digital Printer so dad can actually keep those memories of the kids instead of letting them disappear every time he gets a new phone.

Dad is a family man. (That probably goes without saying.) Give dad the gift of no-tech gratitude that keeps on giving all year. This beautiful family gratitude journal has room for dad to share what he’s grateful for every day as well as plenty of room for others to let him know what the love about their family. This heirloom quality journal from Write to Me is a gift that will last well beyond Father’s Day.

Dads carry babies, too! Check out the LILLEBaby Carrier Complete. This carrier is a dad-friendly style. Plus, it’s adjustable so can transfer easily from dad to m0m. Also, tt has lots of features that make it great for summer.


Jamie lives in Washington, DC with her four children. She loves exploring and chocolate. She can be reached at

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Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie lives in Washington, DC with her four children. She loves exploring and chocolate. She can be reached at