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Mother Holding Baby by a Window

Gifts for Parents

Parents deserve all the gifts this year. No parent was meant to spend 24/7/365 with their child. Splurge a little and give parents what they crave this year. You probably can’t give them alone time, but you can try to spoil them a little.

Charge It Up

In this era of staying connected virtually chargers are a hot commodity in nearly everyone’s house. Classy Chargers and power banks can be customized with names or monograms so there is never any question about which charger belongs to whom, ending spats with spouses and children once and for all.

Stroll Around

Looking for a dream stroller? Look no further than the Cybex Gazelle. This unique stroller can be used in so many ways, from using the sizable built-in bag for gear or groceries making it ideal for commuters or long days out. Or, accessorize with a bassinet or second seat to turn this powerhouse into a double stroller. This is the one stroller that will last for years through changes in lifestyle or changes in family size. Plus, it’s a dream to push. If that’s more stroller that Mom and Dad need, they will love the Cybex Libelle which is great for travel since it folds small enough to fit in a suitcase and easily rotates to face a parent or the world.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

If you did not have a mantra before 2020 you probably have one now. Do some digging to find the mantra of the special people on your list this year and get them a Mantraband bracelet or necklace with the words that are helping getting them through from “Enjoy the Journey” to “I Can and I Will.”

Cozy Up!

In 2020 many parents would rather be hiding under a blanket. It might as well be a nice one like these soft bamboo quilts from Cariloha. These blankets are incredibly light while providing lots of comfort and warmth. Perfect for both cool nights and pulling over your head when pandemic parenting becomes a little too overwhelming.

The Future Is Bright

Does Mom have bags under her eyes? She’s not alone. A new pair of shades like these from Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are the perfect gift to keep her stylish while hiding how tired she is. Paired with her mask, these will keep her pandemic-chic! As a bonus, once travel restrictions are lifted she will be ready to head to the beach in style.

Fire it Up!

Up any household’s TV game starting for under $20.00 with an Amazon Firestick:. Download more apps and change the channel by asking the Alexa that lives in the remote to play whichever show is getting you through the pandemic. Kids can also ask Alexa for their favorite show instead of bothering you to do it for them.


Mom may be wearing her loungewear or favorite sweats most of the time to ride out the pandemic but she can still feel pretty by wearing nice undies underneath. Enter s twist on traditional subscription boxes, the Bootay Bag. Bootay Bag sends discretely packaged undies straight to her starting at under $10.00 a month so she can refresh her most important attire without leaving home.

Stain Proof

What is Dad to do when he needs to be Zoom-ready for the day but knows there is a high likelihood of getting grimy hands all over their crisp white business shirt? The answer used to be hope that you find a good dry cleaner, but you can now simplify Dad’s life by getting him a stain-repellant button down from &collar that will last through the pandemic and beyond.

Lounge Around

The gift that everyone needs, even the Mom who has everything is the must-have 2020 Camp Quarantine t-shirt or sweatshirt. This retro-styled design from Wondery puts a fun spin on the situation we all find ourselves in this year. Hopefully one day soon it will become a fun relic of a time long gone. Another good option is family loungewear from MORI that will keep Mom and Dad comfy all night (and day).

These Loungewear Pajamas are soft enough to sleep through the night in while looking just passable enough if she oversleeps and needs to hop on a Zoom call right away. As a bonus, there are matching sets for the whole family.

Nice and Cozy

Another quintessential 2020 gift is the Cozee. A battery-powered heated blanket may once have seemed unnecessary but in a year when the only way many feel comfortable seeing family and friends outdoors it just may make the perfect gift to keep the lucky recipient warm and safe all winter long. It could just be the answer for the parent who needs to get out of the house but has nowhere to go except the yard.

Super Slip-Ons

This is the year of focusing on comfort at home. There is no need for heals for loafers in 2020. Instead, opt for a pair of comfy and cute slip-ons from Raum that are lined with sheep skin. These come in his and her styles so Mom and Dad don’t have to be jealous of each other’s kicks.

Put it In the Bag

In 2020 parents need to pack it all up before leaving the house. Some parents are heading out on adventures with the plan to avoid all public restrooms and restaurants. They also need to add hand sanitizer and masks to the haul they usually have. The Nomadic Navigator has plenty of pockets to keep them organized. Plus, it cleverly expands when needed, is waterproof and has padding for tips that involve tech.

Parents Run on Caffeine

The kitchen coffee machine has probably seen a lot of action since March. Give Mom and Dad an upgrade with a new Craftsman coffee and espresso machine. Pair with some gourmet Tchibo coffee for a gift that will ensure they are prepared to be comfy and cozy outdoors all winter long.

Get Organized!

One lesson most parents learned during 2020 is the importance of being organized. School, work, meals, laundry and more still need to get done whether or not you think you actually have time to do them. Add too much time on screens for everyone to the mix and a classic paper planner like one from Happy Planners emerges as the prefect gift.

I will Survive!

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us it is that we need to be prepared for anything. Really, anything. This survival backpack from the Uncharted Supply Co. has nearly everything needed to last for a few days or to get through an unexpected situation, like a broken down car in the middle of winter during a pandemic. Keeping essentials like a first aid kit, chem lights and emergency blanket on hand is just sensible.

Bold Blanket

Although no one is going to festivals in 2020 this Festival Blanket from Nomadix is the perfect gift for the era of outdoor socially distant gatherings. This blanket has a soft plush top, anchoring corners, and a water-resistant base so it’s perfect for picnics, outdoor yoga, or seeing friends from six feet apart nearly all year round.

Comfy Feet

Chances are parents have been spending a lot of time walking around the house without shoes. That means they are sorely in need of new socks. Sure, it may be the classic boring gift but funky, warm socks like a box from BLACKSOCKS may be just what they need to make it through what be a long, long winter.

Pretty Lady

Beauty products make great stocking stuffers for the tired Mom. Tori Belle has gorgeous pallets and magnetic lashes make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to look pretty- even in a pandemic. Formula 10.0.6 products, like their mask set which will refresh anyone’s pandemic face, will be a welcome addition to any stocking for teens on up. Or, check out Glaminizers for luxurious scrubs and lotions for around $20.00.

Another option is a custom piece of jewelry from Capsul. Starting at around $35 for hoop earrings that are customizable by metal, size and initial or symbol, the line also includes unique options like a “Love” necklace written in a partner’s handwriting, a necklace based on a child’s drawing, or the imprint of a baby’s heartbeat.

Let Her Glow:

Trips out for beauty treatments for all but necessary haircuts are off the table for the time being. Instead, at home treatments are where it’s at in 2020. Haggard parents who want to look their best for Zoom meetings will be thrilled to unwrap a Trophy Skin microdermabrasion wand ranging from a mini to a complete at-home machine. Most Trophy Skin products cost about the same as one visit to a pro.

Warmer Winter

Kids often get necessities for the winter while parents overlook their own needs. This winter more parents will be spending more time outdoors to get their kids out of the house at any cost, no matter how low the temperatures dip. Treat Mom or Dad to a new, stylish winter coat like this one from Stio that will outlast the pandemic to keep them warm for years to come.



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