Terrific Gifts for the 2020 T(w)een

T(w)eens miss their friends. They miss sports and movies. Make sure this year they have a great holiday season and unwrap something that will bring a genuine smile to their normally angst-ridden faces.

Float on Air

Your t(w)een has probably been spending a lot…

Mother Holding Baby by a Window

Gifts for Parents

Parents deserve all the gifts this year. No parent was meant to spend 24/7/365 with their child. Splurge a little and give parents what they crave this year. You probably can’t give them alone time, but you can try to spoil them a little.

Charge It Up

The word “retarded” does not bother my daughter. In fact, not much of anything bothers her.

Not the pain from her reoccurring ear infections. Not skipping birthday parties and trips to the park because they are not accessible.

Not eating broccoli for dinner.

This is in part because she is…

Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie lives in Washington, DC with her four children. She loves exploring and chocolate. She can be reached at jdavissmith03@gmail.com

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